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New Hope Children's Clinic  

About Us

Our Mission

New Hope Children’s Clinic is a non-profit, school-based health clinic created to increase the access to and provide comprehensive medical care for children in Madison County and surrounding communities.

The New Hope Children's Clinic will break barriers, change lives, and give hope to children through local, low cost healthcare.


Our History

The New Hope Children’s Clinic has its roots in the HEALS project.  The HEALS clinic operated in our current location on the grounds of New Hope Elementary School until 2007 when it ceased operations and closed its doors.  

There were many dedicated medical professionals who volunteered their time at the HEALS clinic and knew that after its closing the New Hope area would no longer have access to affordable pediatric health care. Those incredible volunteers didn’t let that happen.  They dug their feet in and with the help of members from Cove United Methodist Church and the support of many other local entities, a new, non-profit, school-based facility was born- the New Hope Children’s Clinic.  The Huntsville Hospital Community Health Initiative and Cove United Methodist Church provided seed money and the clinic opened its doors in August 2009.  

The first calendar year the clinic operated, doctors logged more than 500 patient encounters.  Patient numbers grew over the next two years.  There were two exam rooms that were full most days with children waiting to get into the clinic. The converted and renovated single-wide business trailer was becoming too small.  Providers also quickly realized that both dental and vision services were needed for this community.  So staff and volunteers hit the fundraising trail and in early 2012 purchased a new 2,500 square foot modular building.  The existing trailer was donated to Lincoln Village.

The “new” New Hope Children’s Clinic opened in July, 2012.  That fall the clinic was awarded a Federal Grant which allowed providers to equip two dental and one optometry exam rooms.  Today the clinic sees medical patients four days a week, dental patients twice a week and vision patients monthly.  We have also collaborated with The Nova Center for Youth and Family.  Nova Center counselors see students at the clinic two-and-a-half days a week.





 The New Hope Children’s Clinic provides hope, help and healing in order to positively impact the lives of the children in our community, as well as to promote and improve students’ health and academic capability.

 “Healthy Children = Academic and Social Success”

Giving HopeNHCCOne Child At A Time
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      New Hope Children's Clinic
      156 Church Ave or PO Box 635
      New Hope, AL 35760

      Mon – Thur: 8AM – 4PM
      Fri: 8AM – 12PM

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